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10 December 2025 @ 04:02 pm
Arashi fan here!
No entries so far. :)

I don't go breaking community rules, trust me. ;)

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13 April 2010 @ 06:10 pm
Calling all J-pop fans nationwide!
If ever you're interested in joining a J-pop singing contest then you should not miss reading this post!


1 PM, July 24, 2010(Saturday)

Following the 1st successful contest in 2009, the 2nd J-POP Anime Singing Contest will be held on July 4, 2010. This is an event organized by the Embassy of Japan and the Japan Foundation in cooperation with various orgs to foster friendship between Philippines and Japan through love of anime and J-Pop music.

1. Contest is open to all Filipino AMATEUR performers/singers of all ages who can sing their favorite J-POP and/or anime songs in Japanese. (go sing a JE song! )
2. Previous top 3 winners and those with recording and singing contracts ARE NOT ALLOWED TO JOIN.
3. Participants may form a SINGING GROUP or Band COMPOSED OF 3 TO MAXIMUM OF 5 MEMBERS.
4. Groups will be allowed to have Japanese members as long as they will only play supporting roles in the group (i.e. instrumentalists or back-up vocals or dancers). For a group of three, 1 Japanese member is allowed.
5. Groups should submit the following requirements:

a) A CD demo of your group's rendition of two Japanese songs.
b) Detailed description of the chosen songs (ie. artist, title and lyric) promote JE music if possible xD
c) A group photo with a short write-up about the group.
The submitted photo and write-up will be used for PR purposes and in the video presentation on the
contest date.
d) Duly accomplished official registration from which can be downloaded from the Japanese Embassy website: www.ph.emb-japan.go.jp

The following requirements may be mailed or submitted personally to the Japan Information and Culture (JICC), Embassy of Japan, 2627 Roxas Blvd., Pasay City on or before May 20, 2010. Incomplete requirements and late submission will be disqualified.

6. Submitted requirements will not be returned.

Pre-Screening/Regional Semi-final
Only 10 groups will be selected to perform for the Grand Final.
8 groups will be chosen from Luzon after a pre-screening evaluation of the judges. The entries from the Luzon area will be judged accordingly.

Voice Quality 35%
Diction and Pronunciation 35%
Interpretation 30%

For Cebu and Davao, a regional semi-final will take place. The first prize winners for both Cebu and Davao will compete in the Grand Final in Manila.


1. The participating group may choose the following performance set-up:
a. With minus-one musical accompaniment
b. The group may bring and play their own musical instruments
c. The group may sing in acapella

2. The participants are encouraged to wear costumes(yeah wear any of those flashy JE costumes ftw!)
and choreograph their numbers.

3. Each group will be given time to test their music accompaniment before the contest starts.

4. Grand Final Criteria

Voice Quality 30%
Diction and Pronunciation 30%
Interpretation 20%
Stage Presence 10%
Audience Impact 10%
TOTAL 100%

Top winners will win scholarships from Nihongo Center Foundation and Centere for Pop Music and take home exciting prizes from the event partners - Ajinomoto, Canon, Heritage Hotel, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba and Yakult!

Prizes from Toei Animation and Hero TV are also up for grabs!